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From the Love of Soul

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The following is the introduction to the yahoo group, which fits just as nicely here :

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I am creating this group with the intentions of opening up communications between those like myself who feel they can relate to the concept of God as being the sum of Love. For the sake of simplificating the definition of that, and to help you relate to the concept of what i'm trying to express, many of my veiws and opinions and feelings on matters are closely resemblant to the concepts and truths in the 'Conversation with God' books by Neale Donald Walsch. This is not to say though that my concepts came FROM the books. I invite anyone who feels they seek answers to join the group to open the communications between themselves (thier Self and thier God-Self) and with others like themselves. Blessed Be.

Although there are no current memebers to the yahoo group or its livejournal extension, I have posted an introduction to the yahoo group and it is as follows :

I've just created this group, and as such there are currently no
other members thus the reason for this introduction. The concept
behind this group is to open up communications.. within ourselves,
and amoungst ourselves. I would like to offer myself to you as a
guide, a giver of advice. As long as I can remember I have always
enjoyed helping others find thier way. I will never expect you to
follow my advice, instead I would ask that you take the advice of
another or of anyone else as a means to determining your own
perspective of whatever situation you are in that you feel you would
like some guidance with. If this deems to be a successful experiance
amoungst us all, I would like to one day expand the foundation of
this group into a newsletter, or a book, that would cover the topics
and issues covered and related by this group. In order to accomplish
this I ask that we begin our communications with each other in
complete and total honesty, expressing the love from within our
souls, for the love of our soul. If you are a new member to this
group, you can begin by introducing yourself and giving an example
of an issue you'd like to talk about to further develop your opinion
or perspective of said issue. It is up to you to decide how to begin
your experiance in this group however, and I welcome you however you
decide to enter. We are all here together to grow and expand and
become who it is we wish to be.

In love and light,


Questions, Comments, critisim, praise... are all welcome to be expressed openly. You can leave a comment or you can contact me privately at my yahoo address, ayna_moonchild@yahoo.com

In any case, I welcome you, and hope that you will come to experiance the love of soul within yourself, however you choose to get there.

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