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we're growing!!! :) [Sep. 18th, 2004|10:17 pm]
From the Love of Soul


the community is growing!!! we have six members :) and, incedentally, 6 hugs in the info page at the bottom :)

as such I'll be the first to introduce myself and give ya a little info about me. there's a lot of info in my personal journal info page, but instead of a link i'll just say that.. My -real- name is Elisha, although i've gone by online aliases for as long as i've been online of course. I am 23 years old, a gemini, birthdate being May 31st 1981. I am engaged to my wonderful future husband, Timm. We are the proud companions of our cats, Velvet (13) Harley (2) and Harleys sons, Sage and Thundermoose, 7 months old. She had four other kittens, dispursed between family and friends, and they are Cloud, Sera (sort for Seraphim), Syrinn (as in the mythical creature, given becuase during her first month of life she was quite a vocal siren) and Elvis. In addition to our kitties we have adopted a baby turtle (a red eared slider) and 2 spayed foot toads. We collect stuffed animal frogs and figureines and i think we have somewhere around 100. I am in my first semseter of college at the university of oklahoma's okmulgee division, taking classes at the moment in psychology, philosophy (my favorite class ever, it is probably the best school experiance of my life) and speech communications (i decided to take this not only becuase i need it for my degree [i want to be a kindergarten teacher] but also becuase to further my expansion of offering my guidance spiritualy, i may one day be required to give speeches, and i really gotta get over being the shy sort). I like industrial music and 'new age' music such as lisa gerrard (a member of Dead Can Dance and also worked on the gladiator soundtrack). Music speaks deeply to my soul and i throughally enjoy it.

Other than alla that info, if anyone would like to know anything else about me, feel free to ask. Theres really nothing i wouldnt mind sharing. Please feel free to introduce yourselves too in any way you'd like.